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How To Kill Termites – Termite Control Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York
How To Kill Termites
How To Kill Termites Termites tunnel from underground colonies looking for wood and plant material. Unfortunately, they often find their food source in the wood surrounding the foundations of homes. Homeowners often don’t notice termites in RI until they have caused damage to structural timbers. Guaranty Pest Elimination provides pest control services for termites in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York.

Amazing…but true!

The termites on Earth outweigh the humans on Earth.
No wonder – they’ve been reproducing for more than 200 million years.

How To Kill Termites Termites cause more damage to homes than fires, earthquakes, and storms. It is estimated that 5 million homes have termite problems at a cost of more than $5 billion in property damage. When termites damage your home, the cost to repair the damage is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Termites require a cellulose food source, such as the wood around your home. They live and work in colonies of tens of thousands to search for food sources and lead others to it. The soil in the average yard is the ideal environment for termites and the wood around your home is very attractive. In the soil, they build a nest and create a network of tunnels through the soil. Because they operate underground, they are difficult to detect. You can inspect the basement and foundation of your home for mud tubes, wood damage, or live termites.


Guaranty Pest Elimination is an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. Independent research conducted at 30 universities and by the US Department of Agriculture found that the Sentricon System is effective for the elimination of termite colonies. The termites share the bait with the rest of their colony, so the entire colony dies.

Did you know? If termite treatments haven’t been properly done – with proof – mortgage lending companies often raise a red flag during sale or resale.

Options for Treating Termites:

How To Kill Termites How to Kill Termites with Baits
Other baits are designed to kill termites, but most die near the bait station before they have shared the meal with the colony, so these baits are less effective for colony elimination.
How To Kill Termites with Liquid Chemical Treatments
This involves saturating the soil by digging a trench around the home, drilling and injecting chemicals into the holes. However, termites can find their way into the home between the drilled areas and there is some concern about using chemicals on properties with private wells.
How To Kill Termites Treated Wood
Lumber can be pressure treated to discourage termites. Eventually, treated wood will become susceptible to termites and they can build their tunnels over treated wood to reach untreated wood.
How To Kill Termites How to Kill Termites with Do It Yourself Products
There are home termite treatments, such as liquids, foams and baits. The main problem with these products is that effective termite elimination requires specific knowledge and unsuccessful treatment can result in significant structural damage. Professional treatment offers better results and protects your home.

How To Kill Termites

We have chosen the Sentricon System for termites in MA due to the large body of research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the system, the ease of application, and the company’s limited use of chemicals in the solution, which is better for the environment. Sentricon requires no drilling, no trench, and gallons of toxic chemicals are not injected into the ground.

The staff of Guaranty Pest Elimination has the training and expertise to eliminate your termite problem, bed bugs in MA, ants, wasps, and other pests. Please browse our website to learn more about our services, find tips to protect your home in every season, and other pest advice. For help with termites, bed bugs in RI, or other nuisance pests, please contact us today.

Termite Control Baiting System in CT, MA, RI, and NY – Baiting Techniques for Termites – How To Kill Termites with Baiting Systems

How To Kill TermitesAlthough there are numerous termite baiting systems on the market today, homeowners dealing with pest control issues should take their treatment options very seriously. It’s important to know the success rate and level of effectiveness associated with every CT, MA, RI, and NY termite control baiting system you may be considering especially if you’re leaning towards a do-it-yourself baiting system. Some baits claim to eliminate the problem on their own, but in reality, they require repeated treatments or a companion liquid chemical treatment to work effectively.

Liquid chemical termite control in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York – How to Kill Termites with Liquid Chemicals

The problem with liquid chemical treatments is the messy and inconvenient process that it involves. Here’s how it works. Trenches will need to be dug into the ground, surrounding the home’s foundation. Then, holes are drilled every 12 inches into the cellar floor or slab foundation of the house, and gallons upon gallons of liquid chemicals are injected into the soil in an attempt to keep the termites out of the house. While this particular termite control system does some good, it isn’t 100 percent effective. Over time, as the liquid chemical treatments break down, termites will find untreated pathways to push their way through. Wouldn’t you agree it is best to eliminate the entire termite colony from your property rather than attempting to keep them out of your home, leaving them outside in the yard waiting for you to let down your guard? Call Guaranty Pest Elimination to find out how we can help with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York termite control baiting system designed to eliminate the termite colony rather than control it.

Choosing the right solution – How To Kill Termites

The most effective way to battle and eliminate these problematic pests is to turn to the professionals at Guaranty Pest Elimination as your termite exterminators. When dealing with unruly insects such as termites, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice when paying for a termite baiting service. If you do business that doesn’t have effective elimination methods, you could end up spending more and more money. And while do-it-yourself tools may save you a few dollars, it’s not a very wise choice to tackle termites on your own, especially if you don’t have any professional experience. Go with a solution that is scientifically proven to eliminate termites without the inconveniences of trenching or drilling. Go with Guaranty Pest Elimination’s Sentricon Colony Elimination System.