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Our treatment and our promise to you:

Our goal is to eliminate your ant problem during our first visit. If you see more ant activity after the treatment, a professional ant exterminator will re-treat, free of charge, over the warranty period.

Our Carpenter Ant Elimination Service starts with a complete inspection of your home to find the cause of your problem. We then treat the infestation at its source, with our non-repellant insecticides. This strategy ensures that the foraging ants will bring the insecticide into the original colony, where it will be contaminated and eliminated. This enables us to solve your carpenter ant problem, in most cases, without drilling and treating inside the walls of your home. It’s an effective treatment, guaranteed to eliminate the source of the ant infestation with the least amount of inconvenience.

What happens after treatment?

The biggest challenge is to be patient and not kill the ants that may continue to forage inside your house after the treatment. In fact, if the colony resides in your house, it is normal to see ant activity for two to three weeks following treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

Safety is one of our primary concerns at Guaranty Pest Elimination. Because pesticides are designed to kill insects, there are inherent dangers. However, a professional service technician, well trained in handling and applying insecticides, reduces the risks associated with pesticide treatments. And remember, it’s always important to keep people and pets out of and away from the area while a treatment is underway, and until treated surfaces have dried.

Year-after-year protection?

Now is a great time to protect your home for the entire season. For just a little extra, you can arrange for a Full Maintenance Program to protect your family against the threat of ants, bees, mice, and many other pests that can invade your home!

Once you experience our service and results, you’ll never think of using another company.

In fact, you’ll want to continue your relationship with Guaranty Pest Elimination through our Full Maintenance Program.