Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – Bugs in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Guaranty Pest Elimination’s Commercial Service Division uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an approach that combines several methods to eliminate bugs in CT, MA, RI, and NY and prevent future pest problems. We use pesticides only when necessary to manage pests at acceptable levels while doing the least harm to humans, other organisms, and the environment.

We use several methods of IPM, depending on our customers needs, ranging from:

  1. Biological – such as making use of insect growth regulators
  2. Mechanical – using traps or other techniques to keep the pests away
  3. Educational – teaching the property owner actions that keep pests away, like clearing debris and better sanitation practices

Our bug exterminators in Connecticut, Massachusetts Pest Control, Rhode Island Exterminator, and New York Pest Control apply a proven 6-step approach in pest management, using the most appropriate IPM strategies for your facility.

Our process includes:

Step 1: Inspecting Your Property
Our service starts, of course, with a complete inspection of your property for CT, MA, RI, and NY bugs. We target the most susceptible areas of infestation, which include places where:

  1. Food and water are available
  2. Pests typically enter your facility
  3. Pests hide out
  4. People spend time and use the physical space
Step 2: Analysis of the Layout of Your Property
We map out all the problem areas-both those that are problematic now, and those that may become a problem. With your help, we make note of your company’s patterns of activity and traffic, hours of operation, when and where shipments are delivered, and other factors that come into play when considering pest elimination and prevention. This information also helps us decide on the best time to service your facility.

Step 3: Identifying Your Specific Pests
Depending on their behaviors and what they feed on, different pests require different treatment strategies. Guaranty’s Commercial Service Specialists use mechanical monitoring tools-along with information you and your employees provide-to determine where, when, and how many pests have been seen. This information is critical to eliminating existing problems and preventing future infestations.
Step 4: Customizing a Treatment Program
Once we know what pests we’re dealing with, and your company’s specific requirements, we develop a customized plan of elimination for your facility. When possible, we try non-chemical options before we apply chemical treatments.

Step 5: Educating About Sanitation Practices
Once the Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York bugs have been eliminated, it’s important to follow sanitation practices that keep them from coming back. We help our clients implement a preventive program and a daily sanitation schedule. Applied consistently, these practices can prevent and control pest problems, inside and out.
Step 6: Setting Up a Maintenance Program
We help our customers set up an ongoing monitoring and maintenance program. It is important that any new pest sightings are recorded and reported, along with the actions taken in response. Accurate documentation, on our side and yours, is important in a successful Integrated Pest Management program.