Winter Pest Control

Winter Pest Control in CT, MA, RI, and NY

Although pests are often associated with the warmer months, many homeowners deal with these unwanted guests in the winter months. As the outdoor environment changes, pests go in search of a warmer place to spend the winter. Mice in Massachusetts and other rodents tend to invade homes to escape the cold. Unfortunately, these pests can cause significant damage and may pose health risks.

Small rodents, such as mice, can find their way inside your home through openings as small as a dime. After they have set up residence, you are at risk of food contamination, chewed electrical wires and other destruction. A professional exterminator in RI can help rid your home of winter pests. At Guaranty Pest Elimination, we provide pest control in RI, MA, CT and NY in every season.

Winter Pest Control Tips:

There are several things you can do to discourage winter pests. Because rodents enter your home through holes and cracks, you need to inspect the entire exterior of your home. Pay close attention to the places where pipes and utilities enter your home, as small holes are common in these areas. Check vents, fascia, soffits, and the foundation for potential places of entry and seal them up.

Trim tree branches, move shrubbery away from your home and store firewood at least five inches from the ground and a minimum of twenty feet away from your home to avoid attracting pests. Mice, rodents and other pests can enter a home in boxes or packages, so check everything before you bring it into your home.

If you need pest control, call Guaranty Pest Elimination for professional pest eliminating in CT. You will find information on our website about our services, reasons to choose Guaranty Pest Elimination, and tips for preventing pest infestations in every season.

Winter Pest Control