Summer Pest Control

Summer Pest Control in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York

In addition to being a nuisance, summer pests can cause injury and disease. Guaranty Pest Elimination offers exterminating in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York for all nuisance pests. There are some things homeowners can do to discourage termites in Massachusetts, bedbugs in CT, and other pests in the summer months.

Tips for Summer Pest Control – Outdoors:

  • One reason that pests are more of a nuisance in the summer months is that people spend more time outdoors, including eating outside at picnics and barbecues. You can discourage pests by eating indoors or using screened tents, keeping food in containers, rinsing containers and putting food away quickly.
  • To keep pests out of your home, inspect screens in the doors and windows and check for small cracks or areas where pests can enter your home.
  • Wasp and bee stings are uncomfortable and can be dangerous for people with allergies. Remove fragrant flowers and scented candles that tend to attract these pests.
  • Mosquitos can be a serious health threat, spreading diseases that include West Nile Encephalitis, Malaria and Yellow Fever. Mosquitos breed in standing water, so drain all water from pools, ponds, birdbaths and slope dirt away from your home to avoid pooling water.
  • Move firewood, scrap wood, mulch and bushes away from your house to discourage termites in Massachusetts.

Tips for Summer Pests Control – Indoors:

  • Pay attention to food and crumbs in the kitchen. Food should be stored in sealed containers to keep ants, cockroaches, mice and other pests out of your food.
  • Because pests come in from outdoors, inspect the exterior of your home and seal any places where pests can enter.

Common Summer Pests:

  • Summer Pest ControlFlies — Filth flies are common summer pests that can transmit more than 60 human diseases that range from food poisoning to typhoid and leprosy. Flies travel from garbage or filth to a dinner plate and transmit disease through our food. Guaranty Pest Elimination uses an integrated pest management approach to identify and solve summer pest problems.
  • Summer Pest ControlBats — Bats are most dangerous to humans when people come in contact with a sick or injured bat. Although there are 925 known bat species, the most common in America is the little brown bat. This bat sleeps in attics and barns during the day and consumes insects at night. There is a very small risk of rabies from bats to humans.
  • Summer Pest ControlHoney Bees — Honey bees reach their height during the middle of the summer. Using a fogger to eliminate honey bees is not a lasting solution, since robber bees can come along and occupy the hive. We offer professional exterminating in Connecticut to solve your pest problem.

Our website contains additional information about our services and tips for protecting your home from pests in every season of the year. Please read more about our services on our website and contact Guaranty Pest Elimination for professional pest control services for bedbugs in MA, mice in MA and other nuisance pests. We are available through our online email or by telephone at 1-800-727-4445.

Summer Pest Control